The Culinary Camper Cookbook Welcome to The Culinary Camper. We love cooking, especially when it is done outdoors! Check out our latest recipes on this website or take us camping with you and own your very own copy of The Culinary Camper cookbook. From barbecue to Dutch oven cooking you will find a plethora of delicious ideas to try on your next camp out, barbecue, or anytime. We hope you enjoy these recipes, make them your own, and have a blast doing so.


Awesome dessert recipes

Banana Boats

What Are Banana Boats No, we are not talking sunscreen or an actual boat. Banana boats are...

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Smoked Chicken Breast

Boneless, skinless, low-calorie, healthy, juicy and tender, this recipe for smoked chicken breast...





Prime Rib Recipe

Learn how to cook prime rib over an open fire with this delicious recipe and method. Cooking prime...

Cast Iron Cooking


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