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Chili Verde With Smoked Pork

If you like your southwestern chili with a kick you will love the fresh peppers and tomatillos served with this amazing Chili Verde with smoked pork. Add some delicious Mexican spices to make a flavorful hot green chili any southwesterner will love. What Is  Chili Verde According to, “Chili Verde (chil-ee vair-dee) is a stew of beef or pork that is flavored with hot green peppers.” The word Verde actually means green, so its basically green chile. It is commonly made with beef, pork, or both, but can also be made with chicken. This recipe originated from this food network...

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Chicken Parmesan With Marinara Sauce

Amazingly simple and one of the most delicious Italian dishes out there, this chicken parmesan recipe will have you wondering why you never made it before. Serve this with your favorite pasta and sauce for a really special treat. How To Make Chicken Parmesan Simple, you bread the chicken, fry it for two minutes on each side, then toss it in the oven to finish cooking. Cover with a delicious marinara or alfredo sauce and chow down. There is a little more to it than that of course, but it really is a pretty simple recipe and a favorite for many....

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Dutch Oven With Lid

Dutch Oven With Lid For Camping A Dutch oven with lid is a must for lots of camping recipes. The reason they make my recommended product list is that they are so much fun to use and so versatile. A Dutch oven with a lid can be used for anything from baking bread to stewing up your favorite chili. Turn the lid over and you can use it as a griddle. While they look like a pot they are actually an oven as well because of the great heat that is created by place coals on and around the oven....

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Battery Operated Rotisserie

Rotisserie For Fire Pits I love this rotisserie and list it first on my recommended products because it is so much fun to use. This is the best thing for cooking meat over a campfire since the cast iron itself was invented. If you want to roast a chicken or make a campfire prime rib then you need this little device. The reason this is better than most campfire rotisseries is that it has a motor to constantly turn your meat as it cooks. This helps to evenly cook the meat and also helps to self-baste the meat as it...

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