A burger with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and pickles.

Ultimate Cheeseburger

My Ultimate Cheeseburger

My quest to build the ultimate cheeseburger stems from two things. One, trying to find the perfect burger to serve from my new food truck, Burgerlesque. Two, after getting laid off from my job at a major software company in Redmond, I started entering recipe contests and this recipe was developed for one of those contests.

Ultimate Cheeseburger

The Bacon Burger

Food Truck Dreams

As for my food truck, I have dreams of calling this burger something fun to go along with my food trucks theme of burlesque. The trucks name is Burgerlesque. However, I do not want any search engines to see some sultry name on this website and mistake it for who knows what. That being said, I would love your comments (please keep it family friendly) about what I could call this burger if I decide to sell it from my food truck. My number one name for this burger so far is The Bacon Von Tease Burger. We will see if that sticks.

Grilled Bacon Burger with Cheese


Cheeseburger with baconJPG

A Classic Twist On An Old Favorite

This recipe was partially taken from a previously published recipe on this website. The beef patty is taken from my recipe for Cheeseburger Pockets. The burger in these pockets is so flavorful and juicy that it kept coming to me as something I should serve on my truck. This pattie is so flavorful that it can stand out on its own without any bun at all. However, no burger is complete without a good toasted bun. For that reason, I have to include the bun on my recipe.

Delicious Bacon Burger

Building a Better Burger

For this burger to achieve the perfect taste, it must be built as the recipe calls for. This means that it should be built from the bottom bun up. So I ask that you construct it according to the recipe. I say this because a great burger always has most of the lettuce, tomato, and other goodies on the bottom bun. The bacon should sit on top of the meat so that the meats go together. This is a professional quality burger you will turn to again and again for your next cook out.

Enjoy and happy camping!

Bacon Burger



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