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Smoked Chicken Breast

Boneless, skinless, low-calorie, healthy, juicy and tender, this recipe for smoked chicken breast is simple and delicious. Smoked chicken breast is quick and easy and you can enjoy this delicious treat in less than an hour.

Are Smoked Chicken Breasts Healthy

To answer that question, yes, smoked chicken breasts are healthy. They are low in calories and fat, but high in protein. Chicken is also still relatively cheap compared to fattier meat such as beef. If you eat meat and are looking for something healthy, chicken is the way to go and chicken breast is the best cut to use. Dark meat on the chicken is fattier so keep that in mind if you are trying to be health conscious.

Raw boneless skinless chicken breast.

Raw boneless skinless chicken breast

How Many Calories Are In Smoked Chicken

Calories can vary when making smoked chicken. If you choose to make the meat boneless, skinless, breasts then you are cutting out a lot of the fat, and thus a lot of the calories.  This is a great choice when you want a full flavored meal without the huge calories. Full sized chicken breasts, in general, are only about 280 calories, depending on how big your servings are. That leaves room for a delicious side to serve with your chicken.

This recipe for smoked is very easy and very good and it can be repeated it in any smoker.

Seasoning smoked chicken breast

Seasoning smoked chicken breast

How Much Is One Serving Of Chicken Breast

Generally, one serving of chicken breast is considered three ounces and has about 102 calories. So plan accordingly if you are watching calories. I tend to make my portions a little larger than three ounces, in fact, more like the whole breast. Also, barbecue sauce adds a few more calories than listed here.

Smoked chicken breast fresh off the smoker.

Smoked chicken breast fresh off the smoker


How Long Do You Cook Smoked Chicken Breast

How long you smoke the chicken depends on how many pounds you are smoking and the temperature at which you smoke it. I like to make smoked chicken breasts in my homemade electric smoker called the “Garbecue” (See below ***). In this case, I usually smoke it at about 25o to 300 degrees Fahrenheit for roughly 45 minutes to an hour. In my Charbroil smoker, I stick to about 225 to 250 degrees. The reason for that is that the homemade “Garbecue” loses more heat than the Charbroil smoker. I love the “Garbecue” but the Charbroil is built with heavier duty steel so it holds the heat better.

***If you are interested in building your own “Garbecue“, you can see how in my YouTube video available here. Or you can find the instructions in The Culinary Camper Cookbook, available at your favorite bookstore and on Amazon.

Smoked chicken breast with barbecue sauce on the side.

What Temperature Is Chicken Breast Done

The important thing to remember is to not overcook it, What temperature is the chicken breast done? Well, you want the internal temperature of the chicken to be about 160 degrees F. And remember to always rest the meat. I usually rest chicken for at least 5 minutes. If it is a whole roasted chicken, then I rest it for at least 15 minutes.

Two Deliciously Smoked Chicken Breast.

Two Deliciously Smoked Chicken Breast

Smoked Chicken Breast Story

Awhile back, a friend came to visit with her son and she brought some chicken to barbecue. She brought four gorgeous skinless chicken breasts. I suggested that we should toss some rub on it and smoke it in the “Garbecue“. She said she had seen my posts on Facebook about the “Garbecue” and was curious about it. I cranked up the heat on the”Garbecue” up to high, tossed some rub on the chicken and put it in the smoker. After about an hour the chicken was a gorgeous dark brown and was registering at a temperature of about 165. At this point it was done so I removed it. All I can say was that this was a very memorable meal that I have been repeating ever since. The chicken was tender and juicy and perfectly cooked.

A bite of smoked chicken breast dipped in barbecue sauce.

This recipe has been updated from the original post from June of 2014.

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