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Smoked Chicken Breast

Smoked Chicken Breast

Since recently publishing my new cookbook, The Culinary Camper, I’ve been cooking a lot of items in my garbage can smoke. This has since been re-labeled the “Garbeque” and continues to make the best smoke pork and chicken I have ever made, and this smoked chicken breast is on that list. One great thing about using a garbage can as your smoker is that no one is likely to come by and steal it, unless of course they really love garbage. Its also very affordable and can hold a great deal of meat. I’ve done a couple of pork shoulders and they fit with room to spare. Next on my list of meats to try in the Garbeque is a beef  brisket but that will have to wait till I have enough people around to help me eat it.

Smoked Chicken Breast – Healthy and Tasty

A couple of months ago I was camp hosting on Camano Island and a friend came to visit with her son. She said she would be bringing some chicken to barbeque. At this I offered to grab a vegetable to share as well. My friend ended up bringing some lovely, organic, pasture raised skinless chicken breasts with the bone in. Since we were getting a late start in cooking, We chatted about the best way to cook it, should we just grill it over the fire or what? Then I chimed in that we should toss some rub on it and toss it in the Garbeque. K.C. looked at me like I had a third eye growing out of my face but agreed. She said she had seen my posts on Facebook about the Garbeque and was curious about it. I put some Tom Douglas rub on the chicken, added a meat thermometer, put it over the wood chips in the Garbeque and cranked the heat up to high. Since the Grabeque doesn’t too get much above 300 degrees I figured I would check it in an hour to see how it was doing. After about an hour the chicken was a gorgeous dark brown and was registering at a temperature of about 165. At this point it was done so I removed it. While it was cooking I tossed some corn on the cob on the campfire and when it was done we feasted. K.C. also provided some lovely barbeque sauce from a great barbeque joint in Cle Elum Washington, near where she lives. All I can say was that this was a very memorable meal that I have been repeating ever since.

This recipe is very basic and very good and you can repeat it in any smoker of your choosing. If you are interested in building your own Garbeque, you can see how in my YouTube video available here. Or you can find te instructions in The Culinary Camper cookbook, available at your favorite bookstore and on

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