Amazing grilled steak fillets.

Father’s Day Grilled Steak

Juicy Father’s Day Grilled Steak

This Father’s Day make your dad a nice juicy grilled steak on the grill with this awesome recipe! There are many people out there that will tell you that steak is not healthy for you. However, let dad indulge today and remember that there are many healthy reasons to eat steak. Check out this article stating 31 science based facts as to why it is good to eat steak from Atlas Steak House in Brooklyn. That being said, go ahead and celebrate father’s day with a nice juicy steak tonight. Or any night the mood hits you!

Raw Steak Fillet

Picking the Perfect Steak

So dad wants steak, now it’s time to go to your local farmer to pick out a nice filet or two for the family. Grilling steak is a delicate matter. You really need to know a few things in order to get your steak just perfect. Do you like it medium rare? You will need to know exactly how many minutes to cook it for, and at what temperature to cook it at. There are lots of different techniques for cooking steak, and grilling is just one of them.
Grilling a Steak Fillet

Cooking the Perfect Steak

My technique for making steak on the grill is tried and true. After years of trying to get a perfect steak and failing, I finally had a butcher tell me how to do it the right way. His method for grilling steak produced a lovely medium rare steak, and this method has worked for me every time since.

Cooking Charts

After speaking with this butcher, I did some research on cooking steak. I found that the trick to grilling a good steak is to have a good medium to hot grill, and be aware of the thickness of the meat you are grilling. By knowing your steak’s thickness, you can cook it for the correct amount of time. This produces a steak done to your standards, whether rare, medium or well. Once you have a good idea of how thick the steak is, you can refer to a good cooking chart for the time needed to grill the steak on each side.  Grilling Steak

My book, The Culinary Camper shows a chart for varying steak thickness on page 135. This chart gives you the exact times you should use to achieve a perfectly cooked steak for how done you want it.

Grilled Steak Fillets

Important Steak Tip

Never turn your stakes more than once. If you want to achieve that checkered look from the grill, cook the steak for half the amount of time for one side, then give the steak a quarter turn and continue cooking on that side for the remainder of the time. Do the same on the other side. Always remember to let the meat rest after it is done. Grilled Steak and Vegetables

Making steaks is both an art and a science. With the price of meat these days, it is worth your while to consult the cooking charts to make your steak perfect. With this in hand, you will make the juiciest father’s day grilled steak ever.

Grilled Steak

Great Steak Sides

Serve this with a lovely salad such as my Cucumber Salad or your favorite vegetable such as these roasted zucchini pictured above.

Try my recipe for Cucumber Salad for a delicious side with your grilled steak.


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