GreenBean Casserole

Campfire Green Bean Casserole

Anytime Of Year

Campfire green bean casserole is an awesome dish anytime of the year. This recipe is great by itself or as a side dish with your favorite roasted beast. I love cooking casseroles over a campfire because it means using a Dutch oven which is a lot of fun.

Dutch Oven Love

There are many different Dutch ovens on the market these days. For campfire cooking, I recommend a 6 quart or above Dutch oven with flanged lid. There are models out there that can also convert the lid to a griddle. The lid is important as it allows the coals to sit on top. Putting coals on top allows the Dutch oven to circulate the heat more evenly. In addition, I recommend one that has legs so that you can place coals underneath.

Putting the coals on the top and bottom of the Dutch oven allows the heat to circulate more evenly. This emulates a more conventional electric oven that might be used in the home. Dutch ovens make a great gift for those who love outdoor cooking. They can also be used on a grill or in a home oven, although the legs can make using indoors a challenge. I recommend getting a legless Dutch oven for home cooking.

I also use Dutch oven liners to make cleanup super easier. The aluminum liners can be purchased to fit specific Dutch oven sizes and really take the work out of clean up. Campfire cooking is a lot of fun with Dutch ovens and this recipe is so easy, you really should try it.

Fresh green beans for campfire green bean casserole.

Fresh green beans.

Campfire Green Bean Casserole

It is easy to turn campfire green bean casserole into a meal by adding some meat to the dish. Ham, Italian sausage or hamburger all work really well in this dish. Just be sure that the meat is cooked before you add it to the casserole. I like a lot of cheese with my casseroles, so I often increase the amount of cheese listed in the recipe. The pepper flakes can also be eliminated if you prefer not to have the casserole on the spicy side.

When making this in an RV then I recommend trying this in a cast iron skillet so it fits in the oven. Just make it as you would in a Dutch oven and toss it, uncovered, in the oven to brown the top before serving. I make this in a cast iron skillet all the time when I make it in my RV because Dutch ovens do not fit in my tiny little oven. I oven use the skillet when I make this at home as well since the legs on my Dutch oven make getting it in and out of the oven challenging.

Campfire Green Bean Casserole

Green bean casserole cooked in a cast iron skillet.

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