Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast burritos are a plate of joy! Making homemade burritos is not only tastier than anything you buy in a store, but you also have better control of the ingredients being used. You can use the freshest and highest quality ingredients when you make these from scratch. That can make a huge difference in taste and quality.

Fresh tomatoes ripe for cooking.


Lots of people tend to put potatoes in their breakfast burrito, but I am not a fan of doing this. This, of course, is a personal preference, so if you love your potatoes, by all means, add them if you like. Just leave enough room to fold the burrito. Alternatively, if I were to add potatoes to this recipe it would be either cooked hash browns or tater tots. I think the crunch from these potatoes might add a lot to the finished product.

If you are making these over a fire, I would suggest wrapping the tortillas in foil and tossing them over the fire for a minute or two to soften the tortilla before putting the burritos together. Often times cold tortillas break as you try to fold them, which causes all the ingredients to escape. A heated tortilla is much less likely to break and much easier to work with.

I prefer a medium hot salsa Verde, but there are many great varieties including mango salsa, red salsa and more. The sour cream and guacamole are of course optional, but I never go without them on my burrito if I can help it. If you are making a super spicy burrito then using sour cream and guacamole really help cut the heat of the spices. I also think they just taste great!

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Breakfast Burrito

Serve these delicious burritos with a lovely Bloody Mary or make some nice Mexican coffee. Be careful if your burrito is really spicy, you may be sporting a bit of a buzz by the time you have finished eating. I know when I eat something spicy, I’ll be sipping my drink with every bite!


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