Bacon wrapped hotdogs with baked beans.

Bacon Wrapped Polish Sausage

You Had Me At Bacon

Delicious bacon wrapped Polish sausage. For most people when you mention these delicious treats you will have them at bacon! This incredible delight was inspired by my friend Jr who used to get these in his younger military days and loved them so much he wanted to make them for us. After a trip to the big wholesale store, Jr came back with a huge package of delicious Polish sausage. We were contemplating grilling them for dinner when Jr opened the fridge and pulled out the Polish sausage and a package of bacon. “Toothpicks,” he said, and he went to the pantry and grabbed those as well. Before we knew it we were all standing there wrapping two pieces of bacon around these lovely Polish Sausages. Now I cannot get enough of these.

Bacon Wrapped Polish Sausage

Simple Bacon Wrapped Polish Sausage

Wrapping different food in bacon is all the craze these days. Just the other day I made my delicious bacon bombs and they were a hit. Then there was the time my friend Cori made a bacon lattice for her Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. Bacon is certainly all the rage so I had to include this simple recipe for bacon wrapped Polish sausage. It was so much fun to make and so simple. You are going to love these!

Grilled Bacon Wrapped Polish Sausage

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

A Future in Bacon

As some of my readers know, I’ll be opening up a food truck in the next year or so. I plan to offer these bacon wrapped Polish sausages as a menu item. They are that good. I know I will sell a ton of bacon wrapped Polish Sausage, but before I do that I really wanted to share them with you. This recipe is not exactly complicated or a huge secret, so I am posting it because I thought it would be fun. I also want my readers to know what kind of great food they will find on my truck.

Grilled Bacon Wrapped Polish Sausage

Bacon and Polish Sausage

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