Month: April 2017

French Chicken Casserole Recipe

There’s something about classic country style French cooking which is so simple and intuitive that it’s easy to learn how to create tasty, flavourful dishes. Like this chicken casserole recipe, the ingredients are straight forward and once learned...

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Make a Great Omelet

How to Make an Omelet Omelets are super easy to make. However, they do take a little practice to get right and make pretty. The main thing to remember is that the pan needs to be medium heat. You also need a decent omelet pan. I highly recommend a good non-stick pan like the ceramic non-stick pans. These pans are just as amazing as cast iron at cooking the food. If you want to make these on your next campout, I would also recommend using a good camp stove or a campfire grill to set the pan on. The problem with...

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The Culinary Camper Cookbook