Month: July 2016

Bacon Wrapped Polish Sausage

You Had Me At Bacon Delicious bacon wrapped Polish sausage. For most people when you mention these delicious treats you will have them at bacon! This incredible delight was inspired by my friend Jr who used to get these in his younger military days and loved them so much he wanted to make them for us. After a trip to the big wholesale store, Jr came back with a huge package of delicious Polish sausage. We were contemplating grilling them for dinner when Jr opened the fridge and pulled out the Polish sausage and a package of bacon. “Toothpicks,”...

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Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken Fun And Delicious Fried chicken is one of my ultimate comfort foods, it is so crunchy and delicious, and everyone loves it. I have experienced lots of different methods to making fried chicken. My mom used to make fried chicken by tossing the chicken into flour and spice mixture and that was it. She would then toss the chicken in a skillet with a stick of melted butter. Mom’s fried chicken was nothing fancy but it sure was incredibly good. Several years ago, after getting laid off from a corporate job, I set out on a mission. I...

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