Month: August 2015

Grilled Blueberry Pie

Grilled Blueberry Pie – Fun and Delicious! This is yet another attempt at a grilled pie. My first attempt was for the fourth of July with grilled apple pie. While the pie was very good, I felt the recipe could use a little refinement. The one thing I can say about this pie is that it is a really fun way to make pie in the summer. When you grill your pie, you don’t heat up your house by running the oven for up to an hour. What I really loved about making this pie is that the blueberries...

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Homemade Sauerkraut

Make Your Own Sauerkraut Why homemade sauerkraut on an outdoor cooking site? Because anyone who has ever cooked outside has done either hot dogs or brats over a fire, and what goes better with dogs or sausage than sauerkraut. This recipe can be put in a jar and taken to any outdoor cooking site. Besides, I love to ferment food, from kombucha to sourdough, fermentation is fun (check out my kombucha recipe here). Healthy and Declicious The great thing about fermented foods is that it restores healthy bacteria into your system when you eat it. This helps to keep...

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Texas Chili

Texas Chili – A taste of spiced heaven on earth! The awesome thing about true Texas chili is that it has no beans. I’m not a huge fan of beans so I was instantly drawn to this recipe. After a few of my family members moved to Texas I began to gain interest in southwest cuisine, mainly because of the barbecue, but also because of the Tex/Mex flavors that I love so much. As a former California resident, I really appreciate good Mexican food, and since I moved to Washington state, I rarely get to enjoy it. I stumbled upon a recipe for...

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Wild Stuffed Wings

Wild Stuffed Wings Why wild stuffed sings? Because it is barbecue and grilling season, because I wanted to try something new, and because a friend was coming over to dinner. I do not normally try experiments on guests, but you really can’t go wrong with wings, especially stuffed grilled chicken wings. When I told my friend what we were having that night, she was totally game to try it, and said the same thing, you cannot go wrong with wings.   Crazy Recipe Ideas The idea for this recipe started when one of my co-workers on my day job blurted out this idea...

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Sweet Buns with Fresh Cherry Filling (Piroshki)

Sweet Buns with Fresh Cherry Filling (Piroshki) – A Delicious Twist on Piroshki I used the same dough recipe as the Sweet Braided Easter Bread Recipe, just omit the raisins. I made these Piroshki with fresh picked cherries from the orchard. During non cherry picking season I use frozen cherries. See How to Freeze Cherry Fruit …. This recipe is a re-post from our friends at valya’ The Culinary Camper makes no guarantees for the quality of this article, as we merely re-post recipes we find delectable. We do this so that we can bring you new and different cuisines from different sites around the world. We think it keeps The Culinary Camper unique and fun, and we hope you enjoy these recipes. We try to keep any recipe re-posts that we put on this website interesting, and yet still relevant to outdoor cooking. While not all recipes show how to make them outdoors, we feel that with some slight alterations, the recipes can easily be made outdoors. Our motto here at the Culinary Camper is that you can cook anything outdoors that you can cook in an indoor kitchen, with just a little ingenuity and creativity. We enjoy featuring new recipes like these sweet buns with fresh cherry filling (Piroshky) from our friends around the web. If you would like to contribute, please contact us by filling out...

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