Recommended Products For Camp Cooking

Listed below are my recommended products that I own and use over and over again for camp cooking.

Battery Operated Rotisserie

I love this product and list it first on my recommended products because it is so much fun to use. This is the best thing for cooking meat over a campfire since the cast iron itself was invented. 

Dutch Oven

Dutch ovens are a must for lots of camping recipes and the reason they make my recommended product list is because they are so much fun to use. They are also extremely versatile and can be used for anything from baking bread to stewing up your favorite chili. 

Texsport Rotisserie Grill and Spit

Texsport Heavy Duty Adjustable Outdoor Camping Rotisserie Grill.

While I prefer the battery operated rotisserie for cooking chickens and roasts, this rotisserie has also been in my camping gear for several years. This is an excellent choice if you want versatility in your camping and cooking gear.


Rome Cast-Iron Square Pie Iron

The Pie Iron is one of my all time favorite camp cooking gadgets. This is a great way to make hot sandwiches, toast, hamburgers and whatever else you can think up.