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Breakfast pizza slice.

Breakfast Pizza

Breakfast Pizza Breakfast pizza is a unique and delicious way to enjoy your favorite breakfast foods. I first ate an egg on a pizza years ago in a restaurant in Seattle that specialized in Mediterranean food. While at first it seemed kinda weird to me, I decided  to try it anyway. However, this pizza did not […]

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A plate of grilled stufedf mushrooms.

Stuffed Mushrooms

Grilled Stuffed Mushrooms I love mushrooms and grilled stuffed mushrooms are one of my favorite ways to eat them. I like to use a combination of spicy sausage and Parmesan cheese for the stuffing that is an absolutely delicious combination. There are many things you can use to stuff mushrooms, but I really like how sausage adds that […]

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Delicious apple pie cooked on a grill.

Grilled Apple Pie

Grilled Apple Pie – Grandma Ople’s Original Apple Pie I have been experimenting with my new gas grill this summer, and the idea to make grilled apple pie came to me as I was thinking of new and interesting recipes for the fourth of July. I Googled grilled pie, and found that other people have done […]

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Delicious turkey onion bacon bomb.

Bacon Bombs

 Grilled Turkey Onion Bacon Bombs This recipe for bacon bombs was inspired by two things. First, a friend on Facebook who gave me the idea for this recipe. Second, is the fact that I love to take recipes like this and make them my own. I changed the original around and made it with turkey […]

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